For your holiday home

About Us

If it can be very pleasant to enjoy your holiday home and spend some well deserved time there. But it can also be spoiled if you have to worry about maintenance issues or when problems arise.


Owner of a holiday home far from my main home, I am well aware of the worries related to its general maintenance and supervision while away.

Many holiday homes are rarely inhabited in the Berry area: there is a real need for those services.


A house only inhabited and heated a couple of weeks a year can quickly deteriorate. Our regular checks enable us to watch over  your residence and quickly alert you in case of any issue.


It is not always easy to be reliant on your family staying close by, or on a kind neighbourg - AND will they always be here to help ?????


Designed to bring you peace of mind, our service is reliable and engaged.


A contract will engage both sides and ensure this peace of mind without having to rely on someone else's good will.


Late arrival, cold house, general cleaning, empty cupboards ?? We can deal with everything with our options "sereine welcome" and "sereine welcome+"


Why trusting us ? Because of less wasted time, less tiredness, less planning to worry about, bute more serenity, you will only enjoy the best sides of your holiday home and holiday !


Very important: Keys entrust to us are never labelled to any name or address, and are kept in a secured place.


Our service is not a security service with video surveillance, patrols or alarm. It is a transfer of trust and usual care and prevention of risks regarding your house.