SEREINE WELCOME                      65 €

 (Arrivée sereine))


  • Opening of your home, turning on of electrical and water meters
  • Dusting and opening for natural ventilation
  • Turning on of household appliances and heating if necessary.

Additionnal services from      90 €

Including « sereine welcome » services, and:


  • Setting of the beds with the bedding available in the house (4 beds max),
  • Possibility to go for shopping if you provide a detailed list (reimbursement of shopping based on the shops invoices).

STRESS FREE DEPARTURE               80 €

 (Départ sans stress)

  • General tidying up, turning off of all meters 
  • Cleaning and turning off of household appliances

Additionnal services from     150 €

Including « stress free departure » services, and:


  • Washing and folding of bedding (no ironing)
  • Handling of rubbish disposal


Possible house cleaning     30 €/hour

Each house is different and so are your needs: those packages are examples and can be modified to your wishes.


We can also welcome your guests for you (friends or family) : contact us for more details on our welcoming and departure packages.


You need different services? Contact us and we will quote your needs.


Some examples :


If you wish to sell your house, we also offer basic cleaning and airing of the house to improve your selling chances.


We can also be present for:


-        fuel or wood deliveries (no handling nor carrying)         

-        interventions of service providers : chimney sweeping, boiler and / or electrical maintenance        

-        Meter checks by officials


Karcher cleaning of terraces and grounds


Cleaning of gardenning tools, setting or tidying of garden appliances