Annual Packages

Annual Package Level 1

Includes :


  • Openning of the house for at least 1 hour for natural ventilation
  • Checking of all windows, shutters and doors
  • Outside checking (fences, walls, gates, hedges...)
  • Checking of the waterworks (use of pipework)
  • Checking of frost protection heating during winter season
  • Visual search for water infiltration, broken tiles
  • Garden inspection (plants and trees)
  • Picking up of mailbox
  • An email report is included



1 visit per month                45€/month


Annual Package level 2

Level 1 Packages with 4 additional services:


  • Forwarding of mail
  • Changing heating to frost protect before winter season
  • Report by mail or email with photos
  • Also included: additional visit after annoucement of Meteo France ( weather events level 3 or 4).



1 visit per month                    60 €/month

Your advantages:


By calling us, you make sure that you keep a real hand on what is happening at your home during your

absence : our regular ckeck reports after each visits, and a real communication with your representative.


You also know exactly who is coming to your home in your absence as we do not delegate our service to outside workers.


We also have all professional insurances to check your home.


Each contract can be adapted to your needs for ex several checks per month. Ask for a quote !


Our services are calculated on a yearly basis, with possible quarterly payments.


Days and hours for our checks are not regular to ensure mostly the security of your home.